Week Five

Week five can easily be summarised by boot polish and endless inspections. This in combination with a shocking lack of sleep lead to some rather bizarre occurrences. Every Officer Cadet of CC153 held onto the same thought, at the end of this week, I have a weekend off, and so the pain of polishing, ironing, polishing, ironing, brasso, room inspections, more boot polish and some more ironing was not too bad, our minds would wonder to the thought of a sip of beer or sleeping in until seven in the morning! Nevertheless, regardless of the room inspections and kit inspections, there still remained the actual physical act of passing off the square, which showed to be rather testing. Drill is not like riding a bike, if you have not done it in over a week you cannot just pick it up. And so I recon I got more blisters from stomping in highly mirrored parade boots than I did running around on Ex Self Reliance. However, eventually we got there and what a relief!

Our Colour Sergeant greeted us on the friday morning with a bottle of port in celebration of our achievements, which surprisingly sharpened our drill, that or the thought of freedom by two. In all, the fifth week actually flew by as every thought was directed to week six and beyond. We met our lecturers from the academics department and the directing staff dropped hints as to what was coming at us from now on. Needless to say it is going to get harder, but we now have some minor luxuries, such as our own bedding. Weeks 1-5 went fast, too fast I think, but now we move onto the commissioning course. I have personally thought of the first five weeks as creating the foundations to the commissioning course, learning how to function with three hours sleep a day and just basic functions of life at Sandhurst. Now, we are as it were, a tabular rasar, ready to be filled with all the information it takes to be a leader in one of the finest institutes in the world.

I cannot wait for week six