Week Six

Weeks 1-5 can easily be summarised with hind sight as a hard fast and aggressive approach to military life. Rumour always has it that after that the course eases somewhat, in truth, this is little but a rumour. The only difference is that now you know how to function on the five hours sleep. My days have, if anything, prolonged. I have additional fitness for boxing at 05:30 in the mornings and there is not just the typical polishing/ironing but also reading to do in the evening. We are preparing for the PG Cert course so there is a lot to learn about defence and international affairs, war studies and cognitive applied behavioural science. But, week six can really be summarised by CBRN.

CBRN is one of our MATTs, our mandatory testing, how to survive, live, work and fight in a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear state. The theory side involved signs and symptoms of an attack and how to treat it. We then donned our suits and respirators, which should take around nine seconds. We learnt how to eat and drink in the suit, how to clean yourselves in the suit and general functions. This was all summarised by going into the CBRN chamber and having CS gas pumped in whilst we conducted our drills: needless to say that our Colour Sergeant greatly enjoyed watching us get gassed, and to be fair, we found it rather entertaining to watch other platoons getting gassed, its just not very fun when its you. However, the daunting aspect of CBRN warfare is indeed daunting, it makes the most simplistic of tasks much more taxing. We also during the week did our assessed Navigation Exercise (NavEx), scores have not came out yet, but as I got all the markers and came in healthily under-time I am quietly confident that I passed. We also had inter-company sports where my company came second in the academy. All in all, week 6 has been intellectually stimulating and physically demanding.