Week Fourteen: The Last Push for Temporary Freedom

Well Junior term is nearly over, the change amongst the platoon over the last few months is evident. A more disciplined group who now can merge in with their senior counterparts. Week fourteen holds drill session after drill session and bulling parade after bulling parade; interspersed with our end of term fitness test and a steeple chase. I shall not write too much on this, I can easily sum it with endless polishing and massive improvement in fitness. The steeple chase is possibly similar to something along the lines of a tough mudder, its just longer and tougher! There is not too much I can really say about this as I have learnt that the best option when it comes to physical endurance is simply to just take my mind to its own little place to distract me from the pain of hills and freezing streams. Sometimes I may think about what I am going to do with my next weekend off or I may recite a song, poetry or a famous speech: Churchill’s “We shall never surrender” usually gets me to up my tempo a small part!

Nevertheless, on to the main event of the last week of any term: The Senior’s sovereign’s parade. It is difficult to put into words, and I am sure that if you read this blog week in week out then you will be tired of me saying that, but believe me, the majority of things at RMAS are indescribable. But seeing 600 Officer Cadets march in perfect synchronisation is a very impressive sight. This made even more gracious by the presence of HRH the Prince of Wales. I have wanted to serve my country for years, but the closest I had came to the royal family was either a £5 note or madam tussauds! Therefore, to be in the presence of the future King of our country was a tremendous honour, my head has never been so risen in my life. An excellent end to an excellent beginning!

Has junior term been a tough as I thought it would be? No, tougher.

Has it been as horrid as I thought? No, more enjoyable.