Week Fifteen: There are 15 weeks? What!?

Sandhurst is a 44 week program comprising of three 14 week terms. But this leaves 2 weeks to answer? Well, we go and do adventurous training at the end of Juniors and Inters. For my peers, this compromised of parachuting, skiing, kayaking, caving, hiking and more. I went Nordic Skiing in, you guessed it, Norway. It was cold, it was VERY cold.

The reason for this is not just our own future development as leaders, after all, the moral courage that is required to jump out of a plane is arguably similar to that of running out of a Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle. But, we also gain qualifications to lead or instruct these trips in the future so that when we reach our battalions, we can take our soldiers on similar experiences.

But, Norway. Nordic Skiing, to my shock, is not alpine skiing! I do not remember going down hill ever, I do however remember going up-hill for long periods of time! It was however excellent physical training as we were carrying bergens.

We learnt about weather prediction and got to do some sightseeing of hills and lakes. It does not sound too glamorous I will admit, but when I was not beating the nine-bells out of my cardio-vascular system and had a chance to take in the scenery, it was remarkably beautiful.