WEEK 26: The Regimental Selection Board

26 weeks in and finally the learning curve is at a humane level! This week and the next are mostly geared up for regimental selection boards, which is essentially the most hellish part of Sandhurst as it is where you and the Army, but mostly the Army, determine where you are going to spend the rest of your life! Therefore there is a lot of programmed disposal so we can get ourselves fully squared away.

I have spent the week trying to guess what questions I will be asked on my regimental selection board and thinking of a good response, competition is of course stiff. We have also spent a fair amount of time out on the local training area going for runs in small groups or we have gone to the gym. The really organised ones amongst us have even done some preparation for the War Studies research paper due in senior term; personally I have done some planning but nothing which has transcribed onto paper.

Sad to say, unless you want me to tell you the ins and outs of the regiments I am hoping to join or how fast I am running now, there really isn’t much else to report! That does not mean that this week has been easy though, there most certainly is a thick cloud over every single one of us whom are equally concerned about next week and more importantly, the future of our Army careers…