Week 28: We are out of here next week!!!

But in the mean time week 28 is range week. An incredibly fun week by all accounts. We sit the ACMT (Annual Combat Marksmanship Test), we go onto the grenade range and we also deploy onto Exercise Martello’s Sharpshooter (ExMS).

ExMS is a two day range package where we get to fire our weapons in different conditions, whether it be a paired fire and maneuver down a street (make sure your partner is a good shot or just doesn’t want to shoot you!), a defensive shoot where the enemy moves towards you, we learn to fire with night vision sights and the joys of using infra-red lasers! Another really useful thing is we get to fire expected enemy weapons such as the AK47 and PKM, and we get to see what they can do to things such as brick walls and trees. Needless to say I shan’t be taking cover behind a brick wall anymore!

Basically week 28 is about turning rounds into empty cases and knocking down targets and having tremendous fun at it! We all really felt like our marksmanship skills have improved as a result of this week, however I should probably pick up a sport like cricket because my grenade throwing is atrocious. The week was summed up nicely, as my regiment presenting me with some accoutrements such as my stable belt, cap badge and tie. I have found a large regimental flag that I have also put up in my room to remind me that now not only do I have to work for myself, but everything I do is now a reflection upon my new regiment.

There are 3 of us who got in which is a rather high amount, but supposedly our intake has a lot of quality so they’ve loaded up as it were. We have also ordered our mess dress and swords, I got mine engraved with my name, regiment and a small quote. The end is soon coming, but so is the beginning!