Week 29: The end is near…

It’s the last week of intermediate term, a term of regimental selection boards, developing complexities and also, it is the term when we can really act like an Officer Cadet. The saying on the streets is that intermediate term is effectively the end of our development, of course we will still grow in our own manners, but the teaching of leadership is supposedly over, now we must learn how to apply that leadership to officership.

Week 29 is effectively just a re-show of week 14, except you get to see the madness of New College! Officers in fancy dress, Colour Sergeants giving piggyback rides to Officer Cadets around the college. This all stems from the charity night where members of the directing staff will auction off their services for a charitable donation; usually this donation exceeds a hundred pounds and goes to a good cause. But week 29 also is a lot of drill, I am not good at drill and nor do I really enjoy it. I can see the benefits of it, but when you are stood rigidly still in the baking heat for an infinite amount of time, you’ll understand why I really, really do not enjoy drill.

Nevertheless, there is somewhat of an element of pride when you don your blues and bull your boots to perfection, a certain slight swag; I find that it also just reminds me of where I am. Sandhurst at times can feel like a very aggressive version of university, what with the room layouts, some of the lectures, the late nights, maybe not the early mornings, or lack of alcohol, or endless show parades. But, I do feel immensely proud when marching on the square with the fine band and five-hundred other officer cadets around me.

My friend and I celebrated the last morning of inters by having some waffles and an espresso out of our windows in the morning ahead of the big parade. We have come a long way, but no matter how far we have come, it is nothing on what is about to strike….Senior term!

Oh, one thing I didn’t mention, I managed to avoid getting a show parade for pretty much the whole term, but spent the last three evening at the academy on show parade… Cheers!