Week 32: Fear, Exhaustion & Pride


Week 32, feels like we have been here forever now! The type of week that we have had is what many Officer Cadets class as the perfect week, a fine balanced mixture of physical exercises, fieldcraft, lectures and platoon lessons. We started the week with an Academy sunday, which is basically a church service that everyone turns up to. It brings a small opportunity of seeing some of my friends who are in junior term now and mostly laugh at them as they struggle to stay awake long enough to tell me how they’re doing. I also have the honour of being chosen to be one of the Commandants stick orderly’s. Still to find out the exact details of what I am to do, but so far it results in escorting various high-ranking officials to the chapel and having morning coffee with the Academy Adjutant.

We also had the inevitable senior Nav-Ex. I heard seniors talk about it with fear when I was in intermediate term, and it was pretty dreadful to be honest. It is essentially a tactical navigation exercise in which there is a set weight to carry, no description of where the check-points are, and they put various different check-points in close proximity to disturb your route. Mostly you just see camouflaged officer cadets running around in a daze across Barossa.

One difference that can be seen in the officer cadet this term is the fact that they now have a home to go to as it were. Every senior term cadet has a regiment for commissioning, and this gives everyone that well needed drive to cross the finish line. You have more to strive for than just personal pride, there is now the aspect of regimental pride, and the colour sergeants who are from your regiment remind you frequently of that when crossing paths! However, with all this extra work which now comes, there also comes the more close-knit family feeling. You become more than just a cadets at Sandhurst, you have more of an identity and your regiment or corps will grow that feeling by holding small get-togethers throughout the term. I am lucky that my regiment was in the Army Boxing finals and decided to invite me and the other two cadets who are commissioning into the regiment to come along and support. I loved it, really felt like part of a family, part of something bigger than CC153.