Week 33: Churchill’s Challenge


Churchill’s Challenge is a weeklong exercise, which explores the complexities of urban operations, most notably, peace keeping and stabilisation operations. We deal with a small amount of public order training too; for a third of this phase we are kitted up with riot gear, head to toe with batons, shields, body armour and more. But, for the other two-thirds, we get to have a crack at rioting! Nothing better than trying to beat one of your mates up!

Churchill’s is a relatively slow-paced exercise in comparison to something such as Allenby’s. The reasons for this are that there is so much to learn; it is pretty much a teaching exercise. I have no doubt that we will be fully pushed on Templar’s, which is next month and the more grown-up version of this exercise. But, for the mean time we cover: Strike Operations, Public Order, Urban Patrolling, Search (Building, Vehicle and Person), working in a FOB and the OPs room. We were also given more assets to play with, such as, working dogs and RESA.

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