Week 36: Ex Agile Influence

Training as an Army Officer is not all war and fitness, indeed these qualities are pivotal to that of an Army Officer, but communication is just as important, and week thirty-six works heavily on that. The week is orientated around Exercise Agile Influence and a step towards Exercise Templars Triumph.

Exercise Agile Influence works on a scenario of a British short-term training team operating in a foreign nation. You have to achieve your aim, which is mostly stabilisation and anti-corruption, whilst dealing with a variation of other parties such as non-governmental organisations, host nation security forces, host nation governments (who don’t always see level with their security forces), and your own chain of command and the framework you are in. It all becomes very complex. The slightest upheaval can cause huge lasting repercussions. The importance of this is paramount when considering the kind of operations we are currently engaged with in the Middle East and North Africa.

The week also lent itself to preparing for our operational fitness tests; a weighted run followed by some casualty evacuations and assault course. If anyone tells you that you do not need to be fit to be an Army Officer, they are lying. Turn up to Sandhurst fit.