Week 42: What is Serving to Lead?

Command Leadership and Management module five… Human Resources & Admin!

OK, so the title does not sound as exciting or sexy as a helicopter lift into enemy territory but it is possibly, in fact it is definitely, the most important part of my job as a platoon commander. Ensuring that my soldiers are well looked after will ensure that they fight to their full potential. It was put simply to us: If your soldiers know that their own and their families wellbeing is second only to the needs of the Army, they will follow you through the gates of hell for you.

This I am fully buying into because, in my time here so far, I know that I will always work harder for someone who I know is working for me; it’s teamwork, pure and simple.

Also for me the majority of my friends joined as soldiers so I want to be that platoon commander that makes a positive impact on their life. Irrespective of what you may think when you first walk up the steps of old college RMAS, no matter what intentions you have of winning a VC and a statue dedicated to you in Whitehall. We are mostly here to serve our soldiers and in doing so, deliver victory to our commanders. Hence our motto: Serve to Lead.

We also gained our ETL (Endurance Training Leader) qualification, it’s a very diluted version of the Physical Training Instructor, I emphasise… VERY diluted.

Finally, drill has started to encroach on our daily timetable again… great.