44 Weeks


This blog aims to provide insight, highlights and an exclusive ‘cadet’s-eye’ look into the training that helps to shape the future leaders of the British Army.


Josh is one of the bright-eyed Army recruits currently undergoing Officer training. Despite the 5am starts and fierce ironing standards (he is a self-confessed “ironing ninja”), he knows this is exactly where he wants be.

“I want to work for my country. By the time I get to 70, I want to feel like I’ve done something with myself,” he says. In the Army, he certainly will. With an Army bursary paying for his degree, Josh has gone from his “bog standard comprehensive school” to preparing for one of the most worthwhile and exciting roles around: British Army Officer. Although he describes it as “daunting”, he also says it’s “incredible” – and he’s learning more every day. There’s no doubt that life can be tough. But with the support of his fellow trainees – and a weekly chocolate fix, sent by his lovely Nan – Josh is well on the way to becoming a capable Army leader.

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